Another Rainy Day

by Bleak Falls

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Bleak Falls Worthing, UK

Melodic Hardcore

South Coast UK

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Track Name: Morning Light
Picture this no place to live, no shelter, no second breath,
You can't fix what was never there, what was never fucking there,

So here I stand once again so close to the edge, I can't go on living like this,

Toss and turn in the night, till you awake to the morning light,
No sleep can save you, it will rot and decay you,
No sleep can save you,
This won't save you.
Track Name: Chapter Eighteen
Look at me now,

Nothing's the same, nothing is the same, you made it this way,
So much pain, so much hate,

Now all is said and done, I know I'm not the only one,
Best left in the past, (best left in the past),

No more worries, no regrets,
You will never see me again,
I guess that's how it ends,

Look at me now.
Track Name: Rollin' On 60's
Here I am once again, have I lied to myself or have I tried to pretend,
Everything in front of me, is nothing how its used to be,
So many thoughts running through my mind,
Is this for real or am I running blind?
It goes on and on, so catch the moment, before it's gone,

Can you see when you look at me,
I've opened up my eyes to a new belief,

Rollin' on sixties,

A concrete pillow, (beneath my head),
Find your feet, (there's nothing left).
Track Name: Dear Brother
Until we meet again, rest in peace my friend,
I miss you so much, only the good die young,

I miss you so much, and now I've had enough,
You were taken too young, you're missed by everyone,

By everyone, by everyone.
Track Name: Pass A Promise
Looking back, on my life,
I said goodbye,

These things take time to rebuild and repair,
It's no loss to you, you were never there,
You passed a promise, you could not keep,
What a waste of words, an act of treachery,

After everything do you still not see,
All I want you to say is that you're proud of me,
Retrace the steps, I haven't walked yet,

My eyes are weary,
My mind is weak,
I'll miss you dearly,

Is it too much to ask, for a second chance?
We all try to believe in what we cannot see,

Please come home,

Please come home, (please come home),
I have lost my head, I am lost again,
Is this the end, is it really the end?
I have lost my head, I am lost again,
Please come home, (please come home),

The more I lie to myself, the more I don't believe,
Where did this go wrong, was it you was it me?
You're fucking heartless, (you're fucking heartless)